Quick Answer: Why Do You Assign An IP Address To A VLAN?

How do I assign an IP address to a VLAN?

Step-by-Step InstructionsEnable routing on the switch with the ip routing command.

Make note of the VLANs that you want to route between.

Use the show vlan command in order to verify that the VLANs exist in the VLAN database.

Determine the IP addresses you want to assign to the VLAN interface on the switch.More items…•.

Why do we assign IP address to VLAN?

A local network is a single collision domain (LAN or VLAN). To get from a local network to other networks requires L3 routing. So you must have an IP address on the network to get off the network. … And from L2 perspective (these apply to L3 also) we assign IP to vlan for management purposes like telnet , ssh etc.

What is the purpose of assigning an IP address to a switch?

What is the purpose of assigning an IP address to a switch? Explanation: Switch is a layer 2 device and doesn’t use network layer for packet forwarding. The IP address may be used only for administrative purposes such as Telnet access or for network management purposes.

What is VLAN IP?

VLANs are data link layer (OSI layer 2) constructs, analogous to Internet Protocol (IP) subnets, which are network layer (OSI layer 3) constructs. In an environment employing VLANs, a one-to-one relationship often exists between VLANs and IP subnets, although it is possible to have multiple subnets on one VLAN.

Can two VLANs have the same IP address?

The OSA-Express IP Layer implementation isolates specific network frames by VLAN tag, but does not isolate IP Address registration by VLAN group. Therefore, you must create two guest LAN segments, or two VSWITCH segments using two different OSA cards, to allow two different hosts to register the same IP Address.

Does VLAN need IP address?

VLANs do not really have IP addresses assigned to them. They have a network assigned to them, or a subnet, or a network range, however you want to refer to it.