Question: Which Drug Administration Route Is The Least Predictable?

What are the benefits of subcutaneous injection?

Subcutaneous injection can be used to give many types of medications for various medical conditions.

There are fewer blood vessels in the fatty layer of connective tissue just beneath the skin than the muscle tissue.

Having fewer blood vessels means that medication injected subcutaneously is absorbed more slowly..

Which route has less bioavailability?

Those given by intramuscular route have bioavailability less than I/V route but more than subcutaneous route, while subcutaneous route has bioavailability more than the oral route.

Which is faster IV or IM?

IV injections take effect the fastest, and the effects also dissipate the fastest. IM injections take effect the next fastest, and SQ injections take the longest to take effect.

Why is route of administration important?

The way medicine gets into your body matters. The term “route of administration” describes how you take your medicine. The route of administration changes how effective your medicine will be. Learn more about route of administration to understand why your doctor prescribed a self-injected medication.

What are the 4 enteral routes of administration?

Enteral administration involves the esophagus, stomach, and small and large intestines (i.e., the gastrointestinal tract). Methods of administration include oral, sublingual (dissolving the drug under the tongue), and rectal. Parenteral administration is via a peripheral or central vein.

Can IV drugs be taken orally?

The injection can be administered orally (1, 2) or enterally (2). It can either be given neat, or diluted with water prior to administration to give a suitable dose volume. The injection is tasteless, but if desired it can be mixed with fruit juice at the time of administration.

What is the safest route of drug administration?

Because the oral route is the most convenient and usually the safest and least expensive, it is the one most often used. However, it has limitations because of the way a drug typically moves through the digestive tract. For drugs administered orally, absorption may begin in the mouth and stomach.

Which route of administration has the quickest onset of action?

injectionThe injection of a drug directly into the patient’s veins is the most rapid route of administration, resulting in the most rapid onset of action. Much less frequently used is Intraarterial, injecting drug directly into the patient’s arteries.

What are the advantages of oral route of administration?

The oral administration route is preferred over the various other administration routes of drug delivery due to the many advantages it exhibits. These advantages include safety, good patient compliance, ease of ingestion, pain avoidance, and versatility to accommodate various types of drugs (Sastry et al., 2000).

How deep should a subcutaneous injection be?

You should move to a different site within the area for each injection. The injections should be about 1 to 2 inches apart. When all the previous sites are used, move to a new area of the body and choose a new site in that area for each injection.

What are the disadvantages of intravenous route of drug administration?

The major disadvantages of the intravenous route are the relatively short durations of time that a particular subject can be effectively used. In addition, subject mortality and the invasiveness of the required procedures (i.e. surgery must be performed to insert the catheter) are additional disadvantages.

Is sublingual faster than oral?

Peak blood levels of most products administered sublingually are achieved within 10‐15 minutes, which is generally much faster than when those same drugs are ingested orally. Sublingual absorption is efficient. The percent of each dose absorbed is generally higher than that achieved by means of oral ingestion.

Which route of drug administration has the least predictable absorption pattern?

The amount of drug absorbed in the rectal / vaginal route is usually less than if the drug were administered orally. The absorption of drugs administered rectally is unpredictable and can vary among patients.

What is a disadvantage of subcutaneous drug administration?

The slower absorption is a common disadvantage of subcutaneous administration because there is less blood flow to quickly absorb drug; however, this may be an advantage as well, in that lower doses of drugs may last for longer periods.

What is the fastest route of absorption?

The fastest route of absorption is inhalation, and not as mistakenly considered the intravenous administration. Absorption is a primary focus in drug development and medicinal chemistry, since the drug must be absorbed before any medicinal effects can take place.