Rebranding Process of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House

It has been an exciting journey in helping Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House develop their new branding and delivering a full spectrum of print, signage and web deliverables. Today, I want to share visuals of the community-based creative process with you. It is my hope that this blog inspires my new clients to see how a facilitated process evolves into a tangible brand with a new set of visual identity on name cards, letterheads, brochures, exterior signage and website.  



Staff and Community Creative Brainstorming

  • Community Feedback Form Analysis
  • Visual Moodboard Community contribution
  • Roundtable facilitation meetings


Throughout the discovery meeting and the brainstorming meeting, we cultivated a collection of creative ideas & directions. The feedback results from the public helped guide our team discussion as we are reminded to balance the key perceptions of staff with that of the public. Currently participants view Frog Hollow as a fun, warm and supportive place to make friends, and gain valuable experiences and skills.


The visual mood board that the team staff contributed images to, helped articulate the collective desire to reflect the interconnected, inter-generational, nurturing, and enthusiastic qualities of Frog Hollow and its community. “Connected hands” was a distinctive motif that many staff used to exemplify the supportive role that FH plays within the neighbourhood.



Mood Boards & Ideation Sketches

Sample moodboards I created



Resulting collaborative moodboard from staff and community members


Logo Sketches inspired from collaborative creatives





Visual Identity













Special thank you and credit to collaborators:

Copywriter: Lee Anne Michaluk

Designer: Monica Gault

Developer: Alessendro Biavati

Photographer: Sharon Barnes

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